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Product Information:

REWARD STICKERS: This pack comes with a sticker roll with 500 pieces(or sheets with 50-300pieces) featuring 8 different encouragement phrases with cute animal.
BULK SUPPLY: You get 500(100-300)pcs circle stickers for a low price. Ensure you always have enough stickers on hand when occasions arise throughout the year.
HIGH-QUALITY: This set of stickers are made of high quality paper. These stickers are ideal for church, schools, kindergarten, summer camps, and other occasions.
SIZED FOR MAILINGS: Labels fit easily on mailings to seal envelopes.
DIMENSIONS: Each sticker measures 1 inches in diameter.

Two Types of Packaging:

1.If you order 500pcs then will get: 1 Roll(500 pcs) * Reward Sticker
2.If you order 100-300pcs then will get: sheets form(total 100-300pcs)*Reward Sticker