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Tufting Trimmer Shaver set Electric Carpet Tufting shaving Can Do Both Cut Pile and Loop Pile Hand Carpet Weaving Flocking Power Tools

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Use the tufting gun to create your own custom rugs.

Electric carpet tufting gun, it is suitable for high speed weaving and flexible movement. We can use a tufting gun (usually used to make rugs) to make ornaments that can be hung on the wall. This process involves running individual threads through sheets of fabric to form shapes and patterns. Sometimes also makes rugs and other decorations to display at home.

Let's get to the tufting!

>Here's a step-by-step guide to carpet finishing. This assumes everything is set up and ready to go.

>Design your mat.

>Choose thread colors for the corresponding areas.

>Stretch your backing fabric over the frame as tight as possible.

>Mark your design on the backing fabric. We use a sharpie marker. Your rug is padded on the back of the rug so your design does not show through.

>Label the areas of the design with the appropriate thread colors. It helps when you choke.

>Tuft your carpet!

>Apply adhesive and back fabric, if desired. Backing fabric is not necessary unless you want to see the back of the rug. In many cases, you may never see this. For example, the inside of a cushion or a bag. A liner will cover this.

>Let it dry and finish your project.